Athens, the Big Olive

View of psirri, athens.

On this page, I will put links and information to assist the xenos, the foreigner to survive in this crazy town.




From an Interview for “ATHENS ID”
 How long have you lived in Athens? In which neighborhood? Why did you move here and why did you leave?
I have lived in Athens since 1998. I have lived in Xalandri, Filothei, Ambelokipi, and now I live in Psirri. I came to Athens because I was working a lot with Nick Triandfyllidis in the middle 90’s and the move made sense.
Athenians in one word… which one would that be?
 That word would be “loud”.
 Which one do you consider the strangest habit of people in Athens (the one you’ve never met before and had difficulties get along with)?
 I am always amazed at the way people drive in Athens and also the Athens habit of parking one’s car or motorbike anywhere and everywhere.
 What’s the most ‘Athenian’ Tuxedomoon song? Why?
 There is a song on our record “Vapour Trails” called “Big Olive” which is about Athens and which is sung in Greek.
 Your favorite walk in Athens…
 My favorite walk is my favorite bicycle ride. I ride over the pedestrian path from Thiseo and across the dirt road that crosses behind Acropoli to Plaka. I  pass all the good ancient sites and stop to enjoy the view and to meditate on the way.
 Your favorite greek food and where did you enjoy it in our city?
 I like all Greek food, but my favorite is a chicken souvlaki at Platia Agios Dimitrios in Panormou.
 Which city does Athens look like? Why?
 I have often thought that Athens looks like some alternate universe version of Los Angeles, especially out on Mesogeion and close to Kifissia.
 Who is your best Athenian friend?
 My best friend is my Maria Panourgia whom I live with and with whom I have been passionately in love for the last 7 years.
 Can you share a highlight of crisis you’ve experienced living in our city?
 The worst experience of my life was the death of my first wife, JJ here in Athens in 1998.
  What’s the weirdest place in Athens you’d like to play live with your band?
 There is a ruined roman aqueduct out in Nea Ionia which has one of those strange concrete mini amphitheatres you find in many Athens parks. I would love to play there.
 Your favorite Athens band/musician/artist…
 I am a fan of Coti K. who has been a good friend all of these years in Athens.
 Is there an unforgettable Tuxedomoon concert in Athens?
 The most memorable concert here was the first one in 1987, at Pallas. 


First, there is this classic site, lovingly maintained by Matt Barrett, an old Athens hand.

Athens, Greece Survival GuideStrollering Through Athens: Traveling with Children or not…read this Maps of AthensRestaurants, Hotels and More Bureacracy in Athens: A True story NEW! Weekend in Athens Making the most of a very short visit Books: What to read for your visit to Greece Practical Athens InformationHospitals, Currency, Long Distance Buses, statistics and stuff that you will have no interest in whatsoever Gifts: What to bring home from Athens or what to bring as gifts to Athens.

and some street photography by stamatis gr

Streets of AthensMalls are places where people go shopping. I don’t like shopping at the malls. Too noisy, too much crowded, too much sterilized, too much politically correct. I do like though, observing people, collecting moments of their lives, taking pictures of them. In other words I like “street shooting”.

Athens Living, a video blog from an English woman with regular updates

Athens LivingAthens is a fun city to live in, but like all large cities it can be a bit confusing and impersonal at first. If you are considering a trip to Athens, or are new to the city, or are just curious about current events and life in Greece’s capital then you have reached the right spot!

 My friend John Gill’s excellent and informative book about Athens.

AthensAthens, innercities : introduction Modern-day Athenian heroes: the late, lamented Stereo Nova, Greece’s answer to Orbital, and the missing link between Kraftwerk and rebetiko Athens may share an address with its glorious past, but the city today is largely an invention of the most recent 180 years of that history, roughly the age of the modern Greek state.

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News about Athens in English

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  1. Love your new blog. It reminds me of our visit to Athens and to your home. (I came with Michele Whitmore in August). Post some photos of your lovely Maria and your precocious Ian!


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