Out at Ian’s school


Came out to this little America of a place with its PTA and bake sales and Halloween carnival and football team to pick up my son and bring him home. ACS American Community School in Halandri. Like they helicoptered in a school from Illinois or somewhere like that. Churns out Americans from all sorts of raw material, Greek Korean Arab, Indian, what have you, provided they can afford it. Lucky for me, Ian’s recently deceased Grandfather foots this bill.

I found it very strange to see that they were still teaching these kids about Thanksgiving with the paper pilgrim hats and the turkeys and all of that crap. I was amused when my son wrote a poem about living in a sod hut on the prairie with the line “Pa, git the musket, the Injuns is comin’ “.

A couple of years ago the music teacher (since moved on) had watched too many episodes of “Glee” and had them all doing big musical numbers in costume. Her “Tribute to the 80’s” was A-Ha’s “Take on Me” and Michael Jackson and “love take us up where we belong” and like that. I asked her “where are the Ramones? Where is Iggy Pop? Where is Devo?” and her eyes went blank. “I guess my 80’s were different from yours”.

They teach the kids arithmetic with dollars and cents and pounds and ounces and miles. They teach Greek as a second language. They started this school for the children of American military personnel stationed in Glyfada, but after they closed the base it became the Americanization camp that it is now.

But they have a swimming pool and a tennis court and they teach Chinese and all. Sort of like an American public school before Reagan.

He’s been coming here since Kindergarten. I begin to feel a little nostalgic about the place. I came to the Halloween carnival a couple of years ago and ate a Hamburger that tasted exactly like one I ate in Pueblo, Colorado in 1964. Let’s do the time warp again.

Author: Blaine L. Reininger

Blaine L. Reininger was born July 10, 1953 in Pueblo, Colorado. Then he lived a life. By and by, he founded Tuxedomoon with Steven Brown in 1977. He traipsed around America, tuxedomooning until 1980, when he began to traipse around Europe. As a direct result of all of this traipsing, many musical compositions were composed, most of which found their way to some sort of mechanical device capable of reproducing musical compositions. This was mostly for the good. He now lives in Athens, Greece, where he is content.

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