Proof! Reptoids on the British Throne Stealing Earth Women!!

Now it can be told. See what my special z-ray sensitive CCD equipped camera picked up from the television. The truth can be told at last!!! Shape shifting reptilian aliens are earth’s true rulers!!!

According to British writer David Icke, 5 to 12-foot (1.5 – 3.7 m) tall, blood-drinking, shape-shifting reptilian humanoids from theAlpha Draconis star system, now hiding in underground bases in Hollow Earth, are the force behind a worldwide conspiracydirected at humanity.[7] He contends that most of the world’s leaders are related to these reptilians.[8] Icke’s conspiracy theories now have supporters in 47 countries and he frequently gives lectures to crowds of 2,500 or more.[9] American writer Vicki Santillano ranked the notion that “Reptilian humanoids control all of us” as the 10th most popular conspiracy theory.[10]

Author: Blaine L. Reininger

Blaine L. Reininger was born July 10, 1953 in Pueblo, Colorado. Then he lived a life. By and by, he founded Tuxedomoon with Steven Brown in 1977. He traipsed around America, tuxedomooning until 1980, when he began to traipse around Europe. As a direct result of all of this traipsing, many musical compositions were composed, most of which found their way to some sort of mechanical device capable of reproducing musical compositions. This was mostly for the good. He now lives in Athens, Greece, where he is content.

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